What is this about?

Great question. Let's just call it a year of weekly letters/essays that I'll use as tools to figure out the next chapter of my life after closing DoR, the narrative non-fiction magazine I co-founded and edited for 13 years.

OK, soooo draft four is a pun?

Sort of. I’m in my fourth decade, and also the name of a book very dear to me (Draft No. 4), because it talks about nonfiction writing as a craft of building, rebuilding, trying, discarding. It's about writing as intentional labor. That's not how it is for everybody, but it's how it's always been for me.

Why is this in English?

I often feel I'm freer thinking/writing in English. It's a second language, and a second self to some degree.

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Edited DoR, a Romanian groundbreaking magazine, for 13 years. Looking for whatever comes next.