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One game I would never forget is Zuma Deluxe where you control a frog that spits marbles. My father was obsessed with this game right during the great financial crisis and even if he was never able to discuss how difficult it was for our family, he spent hours and hours obsessing over this puzzle game.

We had one computer in the house that all three of us shared and after one hour of playtime for me, he would walk in the room and ask for his turn, booting up Zuma, sitting there, watching the marbles connect and explode, while the sound was filling the room.

My aunt played Luxor, another game similar to Zuma, right through the financial crisis as well, finishing her chores in the garden and rushing to the computer to not be disturbed for hours. She even claimed that at a point she dreamed of those marbles and that the sound of their breaking was stuck forever in her mind.

Keep up the great work, Cristi, I enjoy reading it :)

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